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Release the Generative Enterprise

Soar above with Microsoft Copilots and AI, unleashing your enterprise’s full potential for unmatched agility, productivity and market dominance.

Our services

Capitalize on Microsoft Copilot and AI Services to accelerate and secure your Generative Enterprise transformation

The possibilities for the Generative Enterprise are endless. Drive revenue growth and retention, enhance market competitiveness, improve employee productivity and job satisfaction, and reduce costs, all while managing risk.

Build & Extend

Innovative generative AI solutions and Copilots to accelerate your business velocity and success:

  • Custom Copilot development
  • Integration with enterprise data
  • Model selection and tuning
  • Workflows and automation

Manage & Operate

Offload the ongoing operations and maintenance of your Copilots with our managed services:

  • Copilot support and maintenance
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Model tuning and performance management
  • Cost management and AI FinOps

Strategy & Plan

A comprehensive and proven approach to adopting the Microsoft Copilot ecosystem and infrastructure:

  • Adoption planning & strategy
  • Use case discovery and prioritization
  • Governance and data protection
  • Organizational readiness and training

"AI Technology Partners made a big impact on our team’s use of generative AI and continues to provide critical support, guidance, and custom solutions to help our marketing organization stay on top of this fast-moving market."

Jonathan Bumba

Chief Marketing Officer, Ensono, LLC

“AI Technology Partners is at the forefront of innovation in generative AI services. Their singular focus, service methodologies, and depth of expertise sets them apart from other firms. Their generative AI maturity framework really helped us see the bigger picture.”


Media Industry

"[the client] brought in AI Technology Partners to identify specific generative AI use cases, figure out the right tooling, and create customized training workshops for employees based on his team’s actual workflows."

CIO Magazine

Enterprise Technology

Business Impact of Generative AI

Revenue Growth

Product Design & Ideation
Content Generation
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Engagement

Cost Reduction

Deferred Hiring / Labor Savings
Process Optimisation
Training Content Development
Customer Content Development


Strategic Planning
Market Research
Scenario Planning


Risk Management
Compliance Monitoring
Tools & Platforms

Tech & Partnerships

Working with Microsoft for Generative AI Leadership

We use leading generative AI technologies to deliver solutions to our clients and partner with the companies that are building the future of AI.

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About us

A Vision for the Generative Enterprise

The Generative Enterprise is a dynamic, agile, and forward-thinking entity, leveraging the power of AI to unlock new potential in business processes, idea generation, and overall organizational growth. 

We are a premier solutions and services firm for enterprises looking to gain scale and competitive advantage through Microsoft  Copilot and AI platforms adoption.

We build Generative Enterprises!

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Our team

Our team

We are all committed to your success

John Treadway
John Treadway
Lisa Gordon
Lisa Gordon
Troy Angrignon
Troy Angrignon
Head of GTM - Marketing, Sales, Alliances
Kirk Herrington
Kirk Herrington
Chris Greendale
Chris Greendale

Generative AI Changes Everything!

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