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Generative AI Unlocked

Enterprise implementation and solutions for generative AI adoption, supported by world-class services

Our services

Capitalize on ChatGPT, MidJourney, Bard, and more - while protecting your brand, data, and IP

The possibilities for generative AI are endless. Accelerate time to value, outperform competitors, and mitigate risk. Partner with us to leverage generative AI for your enterprise and gain a strategic advantage.

Implementation & Development

Our Generative AI Implementation services include:

  • Integration of Generative AI seamlessly into your existing systems to streamline workflows and optimize performance
  • Vector databases and customized LLMs in your data center or cloud
  • Custom chatbots, applications and automation

Consulting & Advisory

Our actionable generative AI consulting services include:

  • Use case development services to leverage ChatGTP and other generative AI tools for specific business challenges.
  • Generative AI business case creation
  • Governance and principles for generative AI usage
  • Training and enablement to get the most out of your generative AI usage

AllGen - Enterprise Generative AI

AllGen from AITP is your secure, governed and compliant multi-model GenAI platform

  • Control and monitor your team's usage
  • Optimize outcomes with the right model - including internal LLMs - for the right use case
  • Securely use generative AI without worrying about data loss or training public models
  • Visit to learn more
"AI Technology Partners has been instrumental in providing us highly-actionable guidance and solutions to ensure we get the most value out of generative AI while minimizing risks to our brand."

Jonathan Bumba

Chief Marketing Officer, Ensono, LLC

“AI Technology Partners is at the forefront of innovation in generative AI services. Their singular focus, service methodologies, and depth of expertise sets them apart from other firms. Their generative AI maturity framework really helped us see the bigger picture.”


Media Industry

“Our team was heavily into ChatGPT and other tools without any consideration for the risks and pitfalls of this new technology. AI Technology Partners helped us get the most from generative AI while mitigating risk.”

Chief Digital Officer

Hospitality Industry

Business Impact of Generative AI

Revenue Growth

Product Design & Ideation
Content Generation
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Engagement

Cost Reduction

Deferred Hiring / Labor Savings
Process Optimisation
Training Content Development
Customer Content Development


Strategic Planning
Market Research
Scenario Planning


Risk Management
Compliance Monitoring
Tools & Platforms

Tech & Partnerships

Working with Generative AI Leaders

We use the leading generative AI technologies to deliver solutions to our clients and partner with the companies that are building the future of AI.

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About us

All-in On Generative AI

We believe that generative AI will revolutionize work and many other aspects of society. Our team is all-in on this transformation and is focused on helping our enterprise clients adopt, optimize and securely govern their generative AI usage.

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Our team

Our team

We are all committed to your success

John Treadway
John Treadway
Lisa Gordon
Lisa Gordon
Troy Angrignon
Troy Angrignon
Head of GTM - Marketing, Sales, Alliances
Kirk Herrington
Kirk Herrington
Chris Greendale
Chris Greendale

Generative AI Changes Everything!

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